2 Reasons You Need to Hold on To Your Dream of Getting Married

As a single Christian woman, do you long to get married? Do you long to take that walk down the aisle? You've been waiting and secretly planning for your big day but it seems like it may never happen?

If you've ever found yourself wondering if you’ve missed God or even comparing yourself to other women even those you don’t know and wishing God would answer your prayer or keep His word to you. You are in the right place.

Because today

I’m going to give you two (2) reasons you need to hold on to your dream of getting married.

The first reason is Don’t Let Your Dream Die

Have you dreamt about getting married since you were a little girl? Or maybe it was as you became an adult that your vision of getting married started to take shape and you began to see yourself floating down the aisle on the happiest day of your life?

Maybe you got a prophetic word that you have been holding on to?

Or, maybe the Holy Spirit spoke to you Himself and you have been holding on tightly to that revelation of what your future life would look like.

It doesn’t matter how the dream of being married got into your heart because God is a God who honours what He places there.


the fulfilment of that dream is for an Appointed time. According to Habakuk 2, the word used for appointed time is moed- i.e. the dream coming into reality is for a fixed time or season- a specifi time.

And guess what?

It is for a specific time that YOU did not set- God did.

What did God say to Habakkuk about the vision (he was waiting on) and what is God saying to you today about the dream you have in your heart?

Let’s look at Verse 3 of Habakuk 2:

For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry. (At first glance, does this seem contradictory? No it isn’t. Let’s look at it)

  • It’s for an appointed time or a specific time that God has set;
  • At the fulfilment it will speak (testify that your desire came from God), and it will not lie or make you look like a fool.
  • Though it lingers or appears reluctant to come to pass(tarry-) You will have to wait for it, you should continue to long for it (Tarry is Mahahh (mawhah)
  • It’s coming to pass /fulfilment is guaranteed- it will not cause you to be delayed, it will not hinder or hold you back from what you desire most; it hasnot been deferred neither will you remain behind (you think the fulfilment of you dream is delayed but in God's time it’s still on track because He will not delay you instead He will prepare you).

The fulfillment of what fills your heart-once placed there by God will come to pass-hold on to your dream.


Listen to any instructions you may receive including specific steps you may need to take to walk in God's plan for your life.

Act on these instructions- God isn't delaying you-He prepares you.

Waiting is never easy. Rest assured, Your time will come!

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The second reason Is Recognise Whose TIME You Are On

The World vs Kingdom Appointed TIME

In Psalm 31: 15 we read My times are in your hands

times- here speaks to your experiences, the things others have said, the way you’ve been treated, how you’ve despaired

but David wrote those words with the assurance that he could trust God- he would not make him ashamed. That God would answer

You too must with assurance say to God MY times are in your hands- your hands not mine. The final say rests with You.

Let’s look at Worldy Time

a. Chronos Time

This is how we measure time in the world with clocks and watches and man- made and woman made agendas- you often believe you’re always running out of it- days, hours, months, years

Have you been thinking that you have missed your opportunity to get married?

That maybe your time has come and gone?

Who says? Man? Woman? You?

Chronos time will build fear and despair in your heart. It may lead you to throw away your dream due to the pressure that comes from not ticking things off your Agenda you know with the timelines you have created for yourself.

But listen

There is a Kingdom Appointed Time that you need to keep in mind-that’s where your dream gets fulfilled.

b. Kairos means "the appointed time in the purpose of God," the time when God acts (e.g. Mark 1:15: the kairos is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand).

Kairos is not concerned about your crisis (the long wait, the loneliness, the last chance to find love) but it speaks to the opportunities and favour of God in the timing of God for your life.

Kairos speaks to a moment in time but more than that it is the MOMENT

It is the SEASON (preparation, fulfilment)

When you are in a Kairos moment or season it is time to ACT.

God acts and so do you-if you don’t you’ll miss it. Watch for God’s opportune moments and seize each one.

For each woman this maybe different.


Remember this,

God’s Kairos time should create hope in your heart and build your faith and increase your confidence and more than PROTECT your dream.

So, Wait. It is coming.

And Like Joseph, you will cry happy tears when you see the vision fulfilled before your eyes.

As Kingdom women if you want to keep that dream of being married alive in your hearts

Don’t let your dream DIE-it’s for a specific time. Listen. Act on the instructions you receive.

and also

Recognise whose time you are on God's not yours. Be at peace. He knows what you need.

Waiting is never easy. Rest assured, Your time will come!

Grab this FREE Prayer Journal while you wait for God's timing!


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