Let’s start with the Truth. Limiting beliefs are just a fancy way of saying the devil’s lies. He is the

original liar, he is called the Father of lies. He uses lies and create deceit in the hearts and minds of

not just Christians but everyone. Everything he does is based on his desire to lie to you to deceive

you into believing his lies are truths.

The Bible tells the truth about him. It says in John 8:44…He has always hated the truth, because

there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father

of lies (New Living Translation).

So, what are these lies/limiting beliefs? How are they experienced?

Limiting beliefs are unhealthy opinions or thoughts about yourself and other people. These lies are

are given validity through your response to the situations you encounter in your daily life. They are

expressed through your emotions which then impacts how you respond in these situations. They

create unhealthy habits that are quite difficult to break on your own.


They can cause you to feel like you are a nobody and that the whole world is against you

These lies show up in your relationships at every level even at the highest level.

In your relationship with God:

  • If God wants you to have it, you will (Lazy-do your part and let God do His part)
  • God is punishing you (consequences for actions?)
  • If you are good God will love you; If you aren’t He won’t
  • God doesn’t care about you
  • God doesn’t care about your desires
  • God doesn’t care about how you feel

In your relationship with yourself:

  • You’re too fat! He would NEVER date you!
  • You’re not pretty enough!
  • Which good man would want you?
  • You’re too old to find love!
  • You’ll never succeed…
  • Nobody likes you.
  • Who are you to want that?

Stop doubting your ability, stop denying yourself of an opportunity because you think someone else

deserves it more. As absurd as it sounds you like this place-because it’s easier ‘to give up your spot’

than to try and fail.

In your relationships at work:

These lies show up at work, in meetings, in your interactions, in how far you think you can go

professionally. So, here are the lies:

  • You will never get promoted
  • You can’t work up there, that’s off limits
  • Who are you to want more pay?
  • You are incapable
  • You can’t represent your company, you don’t look the part
  • Who would listen to you?
  • You shouldn’t be looking for promotion here on earth, it’s sinful

These lies show up in your dating and marriage contemplations:


  • All the good men are taken
  • Finding Love Should Just Happen. That hasn’t happened for you…so it looks like, you’re Unlucky in Love!
  • All man want from you is sex
  • You must compromise to get someone to ask you out
  • You can’t show them the real you-no man wants to see you
  • You don’t have the time to date


  • They don’t last, yours won’t either
  • They mostly end in divorce, why do you think yours will be different?
  • They are going out of style anyway, why do you want one?
  • They are well laid traps
  • You don’t deserve to be married
  • Marriage is not for you-you don’t have what it takes
  • You will never be married, who wants a woman like you?
  • Once you are married everything will be alright

These lies will show up in Church and in those relationships and activities also.

They limit you. They hinder you. They cripple your progress-the you, you want to become always

appears a little out of reach. They challenge you and the life you want for yourself and unless you

eye-ball these lies, recognize, reframe and replace them, they will continue to dictate your end


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Limiting Beliefs Do Not Facilitate Goal Getting

KNOW This: Limiting beliefs do not facilitate goal getting. They take you away from every goal you

set for yourself and your life NOT to THEM!

If one of your GOAL is to have a long-lasting and loving godly Relationship how can limiting beliefs

facilitate your relationship goal, when you may feel:

  • Undeserving of anything good happening in your life
  • Weak and incapable to changing your outcome
  • Worthless
  • Like a failure
  • Like an outcast
  • Misunderstood
  • Unappreciated
  • Unworthy of love
  • Incapable

These are all examples of limiting beliefs which really are opinions or conclusions about who you are.

These opinions really don’t facilitate growth or encourage you to succeed. They come with a finality

and a deep deception that gets lodged deep with the core of who you are that secretly shouts NO

each time you try to excel or reach for more in your life. They hide deep within your mind and

influences you at every turn.

So, limiting beliefs:

  • Are Lies
  • Are conclusions that you have developed over time about yourself and the people you encounter.
  • Are what you have come to BELIEVE is possible- it’s what you will allow in your life, it’s what you will experience
  • Are Full potential blockers because they limit your belief of what is really possible and always keeps you living below your potential.
  • Are sometimes difficult to identify because they are so ingrained in your thoughts you believe them to be TRUTHS.
  • Often lead you down a path that takes you to a place where you lose out, but you are comfortable

Whether you are forming new relationships or navigating old ones - your limiting beliefs may

lead you to these kinds of conclusions- you don’t really fit in or you are always on the

outside looking in, nobody understands you, they are all better than you, you’re a nobody.

You have little or no value.

These lies often become self-fulfilling prophecies because of the cycle you are stuck in. You

either feel rejected or something happens to make you believe that you truly are worthless

and a nobody.

But the Bible says to you, stop thinking like the world-you know better than this. Grab your

Bible and take a look at Romans 12:2 which says. And do not be conformed to this world,

but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that

good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Despite what you hear in your ear, despite what you feel to be true. Think Different

BUT What Led You To Believe That The Lies Are Truths?

The UNCONCIOUS prompts that you follow daily!

These unconscious prompts facilitate and perpetuate the lie. These limiting beliefs shapes what you

think you deserve or what you believe you can take for yourself.

Here’s an example:

WATCH This: There is a guy you know from say, College-you always liked him. Each time you thought

about telling him how you feel- your Limiting Belief speaks first and very loudly and quickly overrides

your courage- It says, “My dear, don’t bother- You are not his type. It says, don’t fool yourself honey.

You are not in his league. Look at the type of girl he’s attracted to-You ain’t it. Look at your nose,

look at your mouth! Intellectually you ain’t all that. Stay in your lane.”

The RESULT: Another missed opportunity

How many times has this happened? Not just in relationships but on the job, in matters concerning

your personal development. How many times?

How many missed opportunities are you going to continue to facilitate?

I hope the answer to that question is Not One More.

It is time to get violent.

It is a well-known truth that you must fight for the promise. This is nothing new, hear what the Bible

says in Matthew 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven

suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.

Violent means using or involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or


Hint, hint: it’s time to kill those lies.

Let’s find out where these lies come from.

Grab your FREE 7 Steps To Intimacy With God Journal where you can go deeper, using this Journal,

to grow in intimacy with God.

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How Are These Lies Formed?

Let’s get this straight limiting beliefs aren’t fashionable. You need to get rid of them like you do a

winter coat in summer.

These lies come about from the skillfully laid traps of the enemy of your soul who is a thief who has

come to steal, and to kill, and to destroy your life and every God given dream that’s in your


a. From your childhood experiences that impact your adult experiences

Did you know that science shows that 90% of what you do as adults is dictated by the subconscious

habits you learnt as a child?

  • Based on the way you process your experiences as a child can easily lead to you

being a prime candidate for limiting beliefs to take root in your heart-If you

experienced something traumatic or painful the FEELINGS/EMOTIONS from the

experiences REMAIN with YOU and forms the root of these negative beliefs. The

devil is often the orchestrator of these painful experiences. Did you feel

abandoned by your parents, were you afraid of them. Did you feel loved, seen,

understood, and protected by them? Were they emotionally available? Did they

have a healthy relationship? Was your childhood filled with broken promises

and ‘no’s for every request? Whatever your experiences were, they created the

space in which the lies of the devil thrives even today if no attempt was ever

made to destroy them. This may be simplistic explanation, but I hope it is

understandable, nonetheless.

  • As you grew older those childhood experiences create a trigger which influences what you believe even if you are unaware of the trigger.
  • As you continue to grow into adulthood if you do not question where your

beliefs come from or question their truth; if you continue to ignore them and

continue to treat them as facts, they become ingrained in you and that is why

you experience them as TRUTHS in your life. Your script is the same just

different days, different players, with different scenes but it becomes hard for

you to break the pattern that you have been living and believing for so long! You

end up with the same result over and over-nobody likes me, nobody cares about

me and on and on

b. From your Family belief systems

I. Family beliefs can be many and varied. These beliefs create expectations that may not always have been
explicitly taught but they were learnt through family interactions:

  • You should be married by a certain age, if you aren’t there’s really no hope for you
  • You are their only lifeline, they have no one else to turn to for emotional support
  • You cannot get married what will happen to them-who will support them financially
  • The happiness of family members come first

II. Family belief system Influences your view on relationships. Your family may

think and you have learnt that:

  • You don’t deserve to be happy
  • You will never find a good man
  • You will never find a man who can support you
  • You will never find a man to support your dreams or your lifestyle
  • You will never find love because you are too picky-you’ve been this way since you were young.
  • You don’t know how, and you will never learn how to take care of a family

c. Relationships with friends /significant other/ work can create spaces where

limiting beliefs thrive:

We’ve talked about this before, but I want you to take a moment and ask you to think about how

these experiences from you past and the lies that have become attached to them been impacting

your life and the decisions you have made to date.

Examine their adverse effects in every area of your life.

How many missed opportunities can you count?

  • The job that you missed out on
  • The promotion you missed out on
  • The relationships that you didn’t pursue or ended prematurely out of fear
  • The deeper relationship with God that you long for but haven’t pursued because you think God may not like what He sees if you get too close to Him?
  • The friendships lost because you were afraid

The lies of the enemy are designed to kill, steal and destroy you. His plan hasn’t changed they

remain the same to this day. He plans to:

  • KEEP you bound and afraid to step out and into your true potential.
  • STOP you from living your full LIFE.
  • EAT away your COURAGE until you feel HELPLESS
  • KEEP you STUCK in a cycle of ‘not good enough’
  • CAUSE you to give up before you even start
  • IMPACT every area of your life with LIES

But stop doing this

Stop feeling like the whole world is against you. The best thing for that is a good dose of spiritual

identity. Your identity in Jesus Christ keeps you secure and it also keeps you positive and confident

that he who has begun a good work in you will complete it.

Don’t lose heart.

Having identified or recognize the lies is the first step in flipping the script.

It’s time to build a strategy to defeat the devil in your life for good.

Join me in Part 2 Are You Bold Enough To Kick Limiting Beliefs To the Curb? Come find out how as we build a strategy for victory based on the truth found in God’s word.

Partner with the Holy Spirit today and create goals that are aligned with who He created you to be.

Don’t wait. Get clarity.

Get organized. Get focussed. Get goal setting with the Holy Spirit. It will change your life. Try it.


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